Palau's Official Languages

Palau's Official languages are Palauan and English. Both are taught in schools and practices in the democratic government system. Although today's generation is fluent in English, many older Palauans speak Japanese or German.

Useful Palauan Phrases

Hello or Look Out! Alii(a-LEE)
Good morning Ungil tutau (oong-EEL-too-TOW)
Good afternoon Ungil chodechosong (oong-EEL-OTH-o-Song)
Good evening Ungil kebesengei (oong-EEL-kebba-sung-AY)
Where are you going? Ke mo er ker? (ke-MORE-GARE)
I am leaving (goodbye) Ak morolung (Ahk-more-oh-lung)
Come again (goodbye) Mechikung (may-ee-KOONG)
How are you? Ke ua ngerang? (ka-wannga-RAHNG)
I'm fine  Ak mesisiich (Ahk-mess-ee-SEE-uh)
What is your name? Ng techa ngklen? (ngta-AHNG-KLEMM)
My name is _____ A ngklek a_____ (Ahng-KLEKK-a_____)
What is the price? Ng telang a cheral? (ngtela-ah-RAHL)
How many? Ng telang? (ngtel-AHNG)
What is the latest? Ngera chised? (N-RAH-ee-SEDD)
What are you doing? Ke mekerang? (Ke-mugga-RAHNG)
What happened to you? Ke K'lsakl? (Ke-K'LSAKL)
Thank you Ke kmal mesaul (Ke-MAHL-ma-SAHL)
Thanks Sulang (Soo-LAHNG)
Yes Choi, O'Oi (OH-OY)
No Ng diak (In-dee-AHK)
Like that Ng uai sei (WIGH-SAY)
Come Mei (MAY)
Come in Bemtuu (Bem-TOO)
Have something to eat Bo momengur (Bo-mo-mung-OOR)
Go away! Bom cheroid! (Bom-a-ROYD)
Let's go Dorael (do-RILE)
Stop, that's enough Merkong (Murr-GONG)
Don't forget Lak mobes (Lokko-mo-BESS)